An Urgent Message To Educators...

"An Online Tutoring Opportunity Where Just 2 Hours A Day, 3 Days A Week Can Earn You An Extra $18,000 This Year"

Even if you're not a teacher or have never tutored before, you can easily start your own online tutoring service and rake in at least $18,000 a year part time without leaving home. Top performers can earn up to $112,000 yearly with only 30 hours of tutoring per week.

Are you tired of being offered low paying teaching jobs?

Keep reading to find out how you can earn up to $75 per hour as an online tutor...using our exclusive virtual classroom system.

Once you start tutoring with The National Tutor Institute, you can expect to:

  • Have money deposited directly into your bank account
  • Set your own tutoring schedule
  • Create a frenzy of parents begging to sign up for your online tutoring service
  • Have access to cutting edge technology, making you look like the true professional you are
  • Be trained by experts who will help your business grow and succeed

Since we started our company 3 1/2 years ago, we've been bombarded with tutor applications and people begging us for online tutoring jobs.

After careful consideration, we decided to give you exactly what you want! No, I am not talking about an online tutoring job with us...that's chump change!

I'm talking about something most people think is impossible!

This is your opportunity to start "your own online tutoring business" where you can earn a substantial part or full time income from home. You'll get unlimited personal support for your business and find out how to receive guaranteed paid students/clients and hot leads.


You can easily be the next Marcy Reese

"National Tutor Institute has been a great way to supplement my income! I have built a solid tutoring clientele from all around the United States. The support staff helped me every step of the way. Their Business Builders program provides me with hot leads + paid student accounts every month. My tutoring business has never been better!"
Marcy Reese- Honeoye Falls NY


The National Tutor Institute was created for you!

This groundbreaking concept was developed with you in mind. The principle is simple: "Free up the tutor to teach as he or she sees fit and allow that tutor to profit with virtually no limits."

That's why there is no software for you to set up and no equipment for you to buy and maintain.

We handle all that technical "backbone" stuff. It's all on our dedicated servers and maintained by our software engineers. That means you don't have to worry about any of it!

It really is simple. All you do is login and start teaching. No metal detectors... no unruly students... no squeaky chalk.

This freedom means you can now teach from anywhere!
  • Your bedroom
  • The local coffee house
  • An Italian Villa, while on vacation


Email if you have questions:

How Far Do You Want To Take It?

All you need is a computer and an Internet connection!

Let's take a look at the marketplace you're about to enter.

Live online tutoring companies charge their clients between $25.00 and $75.00 per hour.

Let's say you charge somewhere near the bottom of the scale. You begin tutoring elementary school math for $35.00 per hour: a reasonable (and in many places a bargain basement price!)

You put in just 2 hours after school, 3 days a week. That's 24 hours a month from the comfort of your own home. Not even enough time to make it feel like work. In one school year, you've just made yourself $8,400.00 in extra income...with the summer off.

What if you charge $75.00 per hour? You've increased your income to $16,200 in only nine months.

Decide to continue on the same schedule through the summer, and this balloons to a whopping $21,600! You can even go full time with this if you want.

Now you see why this is such an exciting opportunity for you.

It doesn't matter if you're currently teaching school or NOT. Even if you're not a teacher or never tutored before, this could be exactly what you are looking for as long as you have a passion for helping students learn.

Just 24 hours a month could bring you over $21,000 in extra income every year. What could you do with that kind of found money? Buy a new car, donate to your favorite charity, pad your retirement, take a vacation with your family...whatever your dream is, you can have it!

It's up to you.

You're in control.

You're the boss.

And you'll feel important

Don't miss this opportunity---get started by clicking here


You have a chance to make a difference in an over burdened education system

Today's children are being let down by the educational system, budget cuts, and sometimes even lazy parents and overwrought teachers.

As you may have noticed, education these days is a world away from what it was when we went to school. Today's student is burdened with overcrowded classrooms, violence, and general apathy: all the obstacles that inhibit learning.

The sad part is that teachers are taking the blame. I am here to tell you, it's not their fault! Teachers are handcuffed by regulations that control how they teach children who in some cases, don't even want to be taught.

If you're a teacher, I know you work hard. You do your best... and then some. You take pride in your teaching - pride in your students. But still, it's hard to get through to kids today with all the video games, ipods and other forms of stimulation.

Parents understand this more than anyone else and this is why they're at their wits end! For many parents, online tutoring is their last resort for trying to help their sons and daughters gain confidence and keep up in school.

This puts us in a great position.

What if I told you there are students of all kinds just waiting for you? Would it excite you to know you can actually have parents lining up to pay for your online tutoring service every month?


This Opportunity Was Created With You In Mind

When I was growing up, I dreamt of becoming a Health & Physical Education teacher. I loved helping kids learn & feel good about themselves.

While in college, I was excited and proud of what I was about to become.

During my student teaching experience, I discovered something you'll find very interesting about today's students.

The problem was right in front of my eyes, but it took me a while to see it.

For the first two weeks of my student teaching experience, I was instructed to observe my mentor teacher, Mark. He had been teaching for 22 years and currently taught gym and health classes to 7th, 8th and 9th graders.

When I looked at the grade book, almost every student was receiving an A in gym, but I was shocked to see that 1 in 4 students were "failing" their Health class and another 1/4th had a D average.

This concerned me very much and when I asked Mark about it, he blamed the student's poor grades on laziness. I decided I was going to be an inspiration to the failing students and help them turn things around.

I devised a plan and began teaching class in a more exciting way. Each lesson was interactive. We had class discussions and I constantly called on students who were not paying attention.

The next few weeks were a struggle! I tried reaching out to several of the failing students and I even spent time with a few before & after class. I was trying to boost their moral any way I could.

Many of the students thought of themselves as failures and would not even attempt to learn the information I was teaching to them. Even when I called on them in class, most disinterested students would just say, "I don't know".

I was growing more impatient by the day!

After a three weeks of teaching, I felt like a complete failure. It seemed as if there was nothing I could do to help these students learn unless I taught in a completely different way. Clearly my teaching tactics were NOT working.

During a long day of teaching, I decided to ask all of my afternoon students (about 100) how I could become a better teacher. I actually walked around the class and spoke with students individually and in small groups. I learned most students stop paying attention after about 20 minutes. Most students told me they just got bored in the classroom.

Some joked with me about creating video game lessons and some were literally playing hand held video games when I came around. All liked the idea of learning in the computer room.

I then asked Mark if I could reserve the computer room for the next health lesson. Looking back on it now, this one decision to try something new changed my perspective on traditional teaching methods and my future as an educator.

A Discovery You Won't Believe...At First

What I discovered during my student teaching experience is that traditional teaching methods don't work for many of today's kids.

After I moved class to the computer room, the "non interested students"started to become confident, happy and enthusiastic with a simple lesson I created using Power Point. I was encouraged by this slight, but noticeable spark of interest.

As my student teaching experience progressed, I spent extra time at home preparing online tutorials. I taught my last few health classes using some other online tools and the students absolutely loved it! Even those students who were “too cool” or “too shy” started to participate in class. Most students actually enjoyed my computer room lessons.

When my student teaching experience was over, I helped most of my 7th, 8th and 9th graders pass health without any grade curving. Needless to say, I was impressed with this outcome.

Following this experience, I felt that I had no choice, but to leave behind my childhood dream of becoming a Health and Physical Education teacher. The focus of my life was going to be bigger than I had ever envisioned.

Let me explain...

Today's students are overly stimulated by television, ipods, video games, and most influential...the Internet.

Imagine how focused you would have been on your schoolwork if you had these distractions to deal with every day.

You probably agree with me and understand that things need to change.

So instead of becoming a gym teacher back in 2003, I took my passion for teaching children and decided to create tools and technology to deliver a uniquely effective, personal tutoring solution.

I spent long hours consulting with programmers, researching different technologies and working to create an online learning system designed to get students excited about learning.

After about 6 months with minimal sleep, it was complete!

I'm talking about a real, honest-to-goodness, interactive, "virtual classroom." A place with all the tools a tutor needs to do their job without the distractions found in a brick and mortar school.

From my passion, was created. If you go to, you can view our front page article in the Indiana Gazette. Our technology was so new that our small town picked up on us quick. In late 2003, I bought out my former partner Dave and created in 2004.

From 2003 through 2004, I made every possible mistake any new business owner could make. I spent more time dealing with technical issues than I did tutoring students. Even though we tutored many students, I was barely able to turn a profit. These were very stressful times in my life.

In 2005, I ended up creating a new company called Owl Online Tutoring Inc. was created with my small but dedicated team. Shari, Patty, Colleen & myself began tutoring a handful of students in a brand new way. We focused our time following up with parents and making sure their sons and daughters were completely satisfied with our online tutoring service. Simply put, we took the time to care.

This concept has grown fast (to fast for us to handle) and now parents are begging to have their sons and daughters tutored online.

This is where you come in!

You're about to discover how we can work together to update today's traditional teaching/tutoring methods and earn a great side income while doing it.


With success stories like the ones below, it didn't take long before our little website became one of the Internet's premiere live tutoring destinations


From the Mother of John, a 6th grader...
"This is exactly what my son needed to prevent him from falling further behind. He has been meeting with his own personal tutor 2 times per week and his grades have drastically improved. This truly is the miracle I was praying for!"

--Linda Thomas
Dallas Texas

From the Father of Mike, a 9th grader'
"After Mike watched the virtual tour, he begged me to watch and pay for his first tutoring session. I enrolled Mike and ever since that time, his grades have improved and he got an A on his first Geometry test."
--Bill Malenko
Miami, Florida


Almost immediately we were swamped with emails from parents, students, and even teachers from all over the world.

I heard from an art teacher in Milan and a guitar student in Pakistan, parents in Manhattan looking to give their 3rd grader an edge, to a 27-year-old Med. student in California needing to cram for exams.

I found people from every walk of life wanting to give me money, in some cases A LOT OF MONEY, so they could learn what they couldn't learn in a classroom.

I soon realized there was no way could ever meet such a great demand. The whole industry... the one we all but created... had grown to monumental proportions.

That's also when we came to the attention of some bigwig Internet investment people.

They said they had a plan for our little company and it was simple:

Change our focus to becoming a subscription database where teachers could find students. We would charge the teachers a high monthly fee and a hefty commission for each student they taught...and we would surcharge the students, too!

They crunched the numbers and financially, this really looked like the way to go.

To prove their point, they showed me fly-by-night websites doing that very thing. I learned some of these businesses aren't even run by people with education experience!

If you ever tutored for one of these sites, you know why I couldn't do it. They don't care like we do and it didn't feel right. It rips of the student and the tutor.

I felt then, and still feel now, that each tutor would be much better off if they were operating their own online tutoring business. This allows the parents, students and tutor communicate on a much higher level.

We just wanted to provide the classroom where they could teach with all the tools & support they needed to be successful. In the end, the students and the teachers would both be winners.

Needless to say, the investors balked, saying I was leaving too much money on the table.

Once they were gone, I breathed a sigh of relief. They were promising me more money than I had ever seen in my life, but I wasn't willing to pay the moral price of selectively choosing people who could afford to pay lots of money for this type of instruction.

So on our own, Shari Nielsen, Patty Zimmerman, Colleen Palat (my sister in law) and myself took the proprietary software developed for and paired it with simple yet powerful marketing tools and our own proven system of duplication designed to get you up and running a real business fast.

"Timing Is Everything..."

As I mentioned earlier, students today are not like you were at that same age. They are stimulated in an entirely different way. To kids, most books are now considered antiquated and bring up feelings of nostalgia. Reading is something they only do with e-mails and text messages on their cell phones.

According to CNN, between 1982 and 2002 there
has been a 25% decline in teenage readers

But even those students who do read are not "getting it." Experts say that children today only retain 20% of what they read in a book. But if they see it on a computer screen, game boy or TV, that statistic jumps to 50%.

Students - especially those who are struggling - need to see it "on screen"! That's why stimulating the learning process in an entertaining way by using multimedia has become more critical than ever.

And that's what makes our system so unique -- so perfect. Our interactive, sight and sound approach works like nothing else.

You're probably skeptical, right? Let's see what the experts say...

According to a study done by Georgetown University, "Multimedia is a powerful and efficient source for acquiring learning resources."

According to Don Menn of San Francisco State University, "interactive multimedia--properly developed and properly implemented-- could revolutionize education."

According to R. Mayer (Educational Psychologist, 1997), "When applied to multimedia learning, generative theory presumes that mixed modes of delivery affect the level at which learners employ cognitive processes to acquire knowledge."

In just a couple of minutes, you're going to get a peek into a virtual classroom in action. But first, let me show you how well your classroom of the future is equipped.

We start with file sharing. Through our POP server, you and your student can easily send files back and forth. This means she can send you her latest history exam, and you can send her lesson plans almost instantaneously.
We add full duplex 2-way voice communication. This means you and your student can talk to each other just like you're on the telephone. This happens in real time even if you're dial up!
Then we tap into cutting edge whiteboard technology. This allows both you and the student to draw or type in any color you wish. You share this whiteboard and you're now interacting in real time! Math and Chemistry homework becomes a breeze. This whiteboard - like a virtual blackboard - adds the visual component to the learning process that so many experts believe is the key to academic success.
Here's the best part. The entire tutoring session can be printed out so your students (and you) don't have to waste time taking notes. This leaves more time for teaching and virtually no post-class paperwork on your part!

  • Imagine never having to drive anywhere to meet a student for a tutoring session.
  • Imagine earning your living from the comfort of your own sofa.
  • Imagine finally being able to take your summers off, while still being able to pay your bills.

Or why not tour Europe. Just make sure to schedule your sessions at a time when you'll be at a computer.

Before we go any further, let me set something straight. This isn't a get-rich-quick scheme. You will get back only what you put into it. It's honest but easy work, using the credentials you've labored so hard to earn and protect.

But it's a nice, simple way to take home a much-needed additional paycheck while helping kids learn. That's good for your bank account, but it's also good for the kids.


Why not get your little piece of what the Chicago Tribune called "a $200-million-a-year industry"...

This is what KVOA News in Tucson reported recently...

"...the nationwide tutoring market has more than doubled in the past five years with about 10 to 12 percent of students, more than 6 million, expected to receive tutoring this year alone."

According to the University of Minnesota...

"...Increasing the ways students receive help should increase success rates. As the college moves towards computer based instruction, and eventually online courses, the need for online math tutors will increase."

This opportunity is for anyone who enjoys teaching & wants to earn money from home

A few minutes ago I mentioned that you didn't even need to technically be a teacher to make this work. It's true. This system is ideal for anyone who loves to teach, including college students who tutor their peers.

But it doesn't stop there.

You could use your personal classroom to teach any special skill any other person is willing to learn. Whatever your passion... you are now free to teach it.

The audio component is ideal for teaching languages, music or voice. Maybe you can help create the next big music star!
The visual component along with the file sharing capabilities is perfect for teaching creative writing, art, technical drawing, or even architecture. You can help mentor the next Frank Lloyd Wright... even if he (or she) lives thousands of miles away!
You can use all of our multimedia components together to tutor in real estate, teach home improvement, or give personal self help sessions. Again, this system allows you to break down all geographical barriers!
You are limited only by your imagination and your passion. You can teach just about anything with this system.

You've stayed with me this long. You're probably wondering how much such a great opportunity is going to cost. It's definitely not as much as you think. But before I tell you, why don't you take a look at a demonstration of the virtual classroom in action.

Okay... I want to watch the online demo

Click here if you have a high speed connection

Click here if you have a dial up connection


"You have the controls to tutor, manage and schedule your students with the click of a button."

Your backend/management system allows you to:

  • Instantly create new student accounts
  • Schedule tutoring sessions anytime
  • Safely Store client/student billing information
  • Run detailed reports for your students
  • Have 24 hour access to your online classroom
  • Set a schedule for your student/clients to view
  • Edit all accounts and assign username & passwords
  • View your own weekly schedule
  • And many more upgrades are coming soon


This is a snap shot of your backend/management system


Here's what thrilled Educators are saying...

"What a great concept! This is a ground-breaking business opportunity for tutors who need extra cash but also want the flexibility to work when they want, where they want."

--Deb Holder
English Instructor
Piedmont Technical College -- Greenwood, SC

"I love teaching students online and making money from home. I have bonded very closely with students and parents who truly love this service. I never imagined online tutoring could be this enjoyable."

--Sandra Lankton
Philadelphia, PA

"My students truly appreciate the tutoring I provide. Their parents are grateful and I love it! I have helped many students improve test scores and confidence by tutoring them online. This technology is amazing and making money from home is fun too."

--Cassandra Smith
St. Louis, MO

"I just started online tutoring, and so far, it has been very rewarding and I have gotten a wonderful compliment from a very proud parent. The student I am speaking of went from a D to a B (Algebra) in only 4 weeks. Teaching is my passion and I am glad I can help."

--Dan Snyder
Bakersfield, CA

"I am currently a school teacher and online tutoring from home has given me an opportunity to earn extra money and help struggling students improve grades. This is really cool!"

--Susan Ellsworth
Clearwater, FL

"This online tutoring program is a great opportunity for teachers and the beauty of the system is that it enables students to learn in an environment that they are most comfortable with to begin with. With unlimited creativity and imagination at their disposal, and without the usual bureaucracy nagging them, the sky is the limit."

--Dr. Steven C. Scheer, Ph.D.
Retired Professor of English
Newburgh, Indiana

"Online tutoring is everything I hoped it would be. I make money from home doing what I love and I have proud parents who thank me almost daily."

--Scott Walker
Houston, TX

Okay, you read what to expect in your new classroom. Then you watched it come alive in the demonstration. You've even read what educators and tutors are saying about this amazing opportunity.

You have that vision. You can see what the future holds for you and how that future allows you virtually unlimited profits, all while helping others and creating more proud parents.

You're ready to get down to business. I admire that.

There is nothing worse than procrastination. Okay, there are many things worse than procrastication, but not when it comes right down to making a decision as life changing as this.

The opportunity is here and now. Right now, there is not a lot of competition. By 2008, dozens of new online tutoring companies will be entering the market.

Saturation is certain at some point. That's why I want to teach you how to build a steady group of clients who will gladly pay you every month (including summer time) for your tutoring services.

I mentioned earlier that there are costs to starting your own online tutoring business, but not as much as you think. Before you bock at this idea, look at all you get when you sign up with

You get your own virtual classroom where you and your students can meet for tutoring sessions. This is the very classroom where you can utilize the powers of sight and sound to earn up to $75.00 each hour you're helping a child.
You get all the tools you need to get started! We hold your hand all the way. You'll have instant "membership only" access to We'll show you simple but highly effective ways to build your tutoring business: How to advertise inexpensively (or even for free),how to tap a source of "clients" you don't even realize you have and how to get paid instantly! With this kind of help, the sky is truly the limit for you.
You get downloads which will launch your business into the stars (videos and documents you can view on your home computer). These training tools, while short and to the point, will teach you in no time how to build your client list and how to charge for your services, as well as what to do when you have more clients than you can handle.
You get unlimited 24/7 email support. Have a question about starting or running your own online tutoring business? Just drop us an email. You'll hear back from Shari, Colleen or Patty ASAP. Have a question about teaching? You can write me personally! This kind of special attention cannot be found anywhere else at any price, but you get it included free just for being part of the National Tutor Institute family.
You get your own scheduling & management system. You'll be able to create student accounts, set your schedule and look truly professional with each of your clients.

We give you all this for as little as $4 per 1 hour session. You could potentially earn $71.00 for you, and $4 for us for each hour you tutor. That means your total operating expenses are around 5.3%.

That's right! If you become a "Gold Star Tutor'' (which comes by simply tutoring 10 hours or more a week), you pay only $20 for a 5-hour block of classroom time. That means you can earn up to $375.00 in 5 hours and only pay us $20.

And that's our goal. We want you to be a "Gold Star Tutor." You can still make as much money as you want, but tutoring just 10 hours a week! You will gross a whopping $3,000.00 per month which adds up to $36,000 a year working less than ¼ of the time you put into your normal classes.

And you're doing it from home or wherever you have an Internet connection!

Sign me up, Scott. This is just what I was looking for!

If you don't think you want to be a "Gold Star Tutor" right away, (even though it's very easy) we have a fair multi-tear system that guarantees that even if you tutor the bare minimum of 10 hours a month, each one-hour session will only cost you $4.90.

Now you can't be beat that anywhere! It's this pricing structure that scared away the investors. They wanted me to charge much more, all because I could!

And once you get to "Gold Star Status" the discounts get even deeper! You could be a tutoring juggernaut while paying almost nothing for overhead!

You Can Even Make $112,000.00 Next Year
While Working Just 30 Hours A Week!

(Based on $75 per hour for 50 weeks)

Now I'm ready to make a special offer just for you.

Click Here to get onboard right now!

I cannot hide this fact, so I'll just come out and say it. There is a one-time setup fee of $999. This is just the usual cost of setting up the account and programming the software to create your own personal virtual classroom and backend system.

But since you took the time to read all the details that brought us to this point and because you're getting in on the ground floor of this rare business opportunity, I'm going to discount that fee for only $495.

Less than $150 will get you started on the road financial independence. This price barely covers our costs.

But that's not all...far from it! Along with taking a full $504 off the price of registration, you'll also receive a bundle of valuable bonuses absolutely free!

Let's start with instant access to This is our "membership only" website created from four years of online tutoring experience while operating, and

The information inside this website is guaranteed to explode your online tutoring business. You'll discover how to get your own student accounts! $99.oo monthly value, but it's yours for free & you'll have unlimited access as long as you are a National Tutor Institute client.

We'll then set you up with your own business email address "". This instantly brands you as a professional and keeps your business life separate from your private life. This alone comes with a value of $49.oo per year, but you get it free for the entire lifetime of your business.

It doesn't stop here!

You'll also get a free subscription to our exclusive quarterly newsletter. Learn what's hot in the tutoring industry. Follow trends. Discover what disciplines are in desperate need of your experience.

Hear from other top tutors just like you. Get special insider tips on what works best for them...and what doesn't. This resource alone can skyrocket your success. And it's valued at over $39.00 per year. I am giving it to you free for 2 full years.


We are dedicated to your success!

Shari, Colleen, Patty and myself handle all the business aspects of and now the National Tutor Institute. Our 30 + years of experience of running successful businesses and teaching in schools have been invaluable to us, and will be invaluable to you.

We know that some people, who may be great teachers, might not be natural business people. So as another bonus, we are offering unlimited email consultations. As long as your nameplate is hanging on one of our doors, you can turn to them for any help you might need in reaching "Gold Star" status and beyond!


Let's recap your savings.

You Pay You Get You Save
Discounted to
Full registration into this system and the creation of your own virtual classroom + scheduling/management system. This allows you to teach in your own online classroom & manage everything with a few clicks of the mouse. This "online technology" is NOT being offered anywhere else. $504.00
$0.00 Your own professional email address for the life of your account. This not only keeps your private life private from your students, but it also keeps all your business emails in one place. It's like instant record keeping! $98.00

in just the first 2 years alone!
$0.00 A 2-year subscription to our quarterly newsletter. With this one resource alone, you can keep up with the industry and learn cutting edge ways to expand your business. $78.00
$0.00 Free Membership to This "membership only" website was designed to give you a step by step game plan to get your business started. $99.00
$0.00 Unlimited email support. You'll be able to ask any questions, anytime and we'll respond quickly (unless we are sleeping). Priceless

OK, I know this is getting ridiculous, but I just can't stop. I am truly excited and willing to do about anything to get you started. You're actually getting over $700.00 in instant savings by joining our team now.

You won't find a deal like this anywhere.  It's only going to be available for a limited time. My team and I work from home and we don't plan on hiring extra help or moving into an office.

Our time is limited and because of this, we can only work with 100 tutors. Once we help 100 tutors successfully build their client base, we will focus on our business relationship with those tutors. There will not be any more time for us to dedicate to new tutors.

This webpage will come down once we reach 100 tutors. If you are serious, you must reserve your spot before it's too late.

For only $495, you can start something that will change your life forever and we'll be with you every step of the way!

Start your own tutoring business.  Become part of National Tutor Institute family.  Together, we'll help as many students as possible.

Put in just a few hours a week. Earn extra money while helping others no matter where you live.

You provide the desire.  We'll provide the system.  You profit while helping others.


Call or email me if you have questions:



To Sign Up, Click Here


PS - Let me remind you...this system could easily make you an extra $18,000 per school year tutoring from home for only 6 hours a week! That means you get your summers off to do whatever you want. Vacation, home improvements... it's all up to you! Even if you decide to tutor this summer, you can now do it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

PPS - I can't stress how limited this offer is. We give you the tools to make this business work for you. You'll be able to accept payments instantly through your email address. You'll even discover how to have parents begging you to tutor their child with these marketing tactics.

Frankly, opportunity is staring you right in the face. It's time for you to make a move before this one gets away.

Okay Scott... I'm ready to start my own
online tutoring business today.